5 Edmonton Brunch Spots To Work and Eat At

December 21, 2020
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Edmonton is home to some of the tastiest brunch spots in Canada. Many of them also offer a great space for professionals and students to work at whole enjoying tasty fare.

Fast WiFi and coffee are essential for a breakfast meeting but there are other things to consider when searching for a great place to eat and work at.

  • Do you feel comfortable staying for a few hours?
  • Is there enough space at the table for a laptop?
  • Is the service prompt?
  • Is the space warm and inviting?

These are important questions to ask before you book your next working-brunch meeting.

As breakfast fans ourselves, we decided to scour Edmonton for the best places to eat and work at. It was a delicious endeavour that proved incredibly fruitful. Pun always intended.

Below, find our 5 favourite brunch spots in Edmonton that also make for a great place to get some work done.

Toast Culture

Toast Culture was founded by Josh and Joel, two Edmonton natives with a serious passion for carbs. Toast and pizza, to be specific.

Their brunch menu features a half-a-dozen delicious selections all centred around a piece of perfectly toasted bread; sourdough, naan, nut loaf and a light-and-fluffy multigrain.

Savoury ingredients are piled high on top like salty capicola on the Avocado BLT and pickled onion on top a piece of wild salmon, the latter of which we sampled (and devoured) within seconds.

There is a french toast option for the sweet tooth, loaded with fresh berries and pistachios. And like all good breakfast spots, their side roasted potatoes are super addictive.

Why We Like Toast Culture

We’re all about supporting local and we love it when the community takes that same spirit and creates opportunities with neighboring businesses.

Toast Culture is all about that vibe, partnering with community bread artisans Bon Ton bakery, locally roasted coffee experts Colombian as well as local meat shops including one of our personal favorites, Meuwlys.

In terms of being a space to brunch-and-work at, we think Toast Culture checks off every box. The restaurant was quiet and there was plenty of space at the table to spread our laptops out and get to business.

On our visit, we ended up talking for hours and felt comfortable the entire time. The service was friendly and the coffee was exceptional, especially the oat milk chai latte.

Spark & Pony Recommendations: We shared the Avocado B.L.T  and Smoked Wild Salmon with a side of roasted potatoes. We loved the pickled onions and lemon-and-herb yogurt with the salmon. We made also made short work of the heaping pile of guacamole that came with the B.L.T. Be sure to add an egg for that extra bit of yolky goodness.

Sugar Bowl

If you live in Edmonton, chances are you know the Sugar Bowl. Located next to the University and right in the heart of beautiful Garneau, the Sugar Bowl has been around for over 70 years.

Fun Fact: They hail as one of the first places in Edmonton to offer a huge selection of craft and Belgium beers.

While the food is delicious and always on point, we’ve always been most partial to the warm Sugar Bowl environment. Sit inside against the big beautiful windows or enjoy a table on the patio in the warmer months.

Have a hot tea or a cold glass of Pinot gris. The options are endless.

Why We Like Sugar Bowl

There is something so iconically Edmontonion about the Sugar bowl. On our last visit, it reminded one of us of a first date and the other of a warm August afternoon bike ride that led straight to their patio.

We appreciate their unique items and perhaps their most famous offering -- the Sugar Bowl cinnamon bun. Warm it up with a side of butter and thank us later.

As for being an ideal working space, the Sugar Bowl is a great option. The WiFi is fast and the coffee refillable. While we recommend avoiding long stays on their busiest mornings, we think you can definitely kick back mid-week for a brunch and work session. The staff is friendly and quick to offer advice if you are stuck on a few menu choices.

Spark & Pony Recommendations: We ordered the Huevos Rancheros and the special which was a spicy breakfast wrap packed full with eggs, peppers, cheese and loads of flavour. Potatoes and ketchup come with everything and portions are EXTRA large so come with an appetite.

Blue Chair

The Blue Chair has been a staple of the Edmonton live music scene for over 17 years. We can say confidently there is no other place in Edmonton where you can watch a jazz band perform while you dabble in some eggs benny.

That being said, new covid regulations has suspended live music for the time being. However, the food is still delicious, the atmosphere is still welcoming and they make a pretty mean breakfast cocktail if you are into that sort of thing.

Why We Like Blue Chair

Blue Chair is all about sourcing their ingredients from local artisans and vendors. We love the live music component and look forward to its return.

However, we do recommend checking their music schedule before showing up to get some work done. The speakers are loud and concentrating on a conversation or task might prove difficult.

We like their brunch, preferably the Saturday morning menu which features steak and eggs and eggs Benedict, both personal favourites. Kids are welcome and dessert is available after 3 PM.

Spark & Pony Recommendations: If you’re stopping by for a meeting or study session, we recommend dabbling in the breakfast bowl or opt for the hearty helping on the Traditional plate. Eggs, sausage, potatoes and fresh fruit. What more do you really need?

Little Brick

Yes, of course we are fanatical about the long-time Edmonton classics. But we get even more excited about a new spot, especially when it delivers.

Little Brick might just be our favourite new cafe to work at. Located in the heart of the River Valley, this adorable coffee house sits inside an old brick building that used to be a brickyard office.

The General Store inside features everything from body products to locally curated goodies like greeting cards and housewares. You can even stock up on some essential groceries like eggs and milk.

Hands down the best part is the tent outside, keeping things warm but safe during the pandemic. It makes for a perfect spot to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich year-round.

Why We Like Little Brick

We’ll just come right out and say it. Little Brick is absolutely charming. You can imagine grocers and cafes from earlier times having the same sort of feeling.

We are crazy about the indoor fireplace and ambience and even more excited to try their outdoor fire pits and tents in the future. In terms of a space to have a meeting or get some work done, we think Little Brick is a top pick.

Inside is quiet for conversation. The tables are a bit snug for parties of four but if you and a friend are sitting down to work, there is plenty of room to sprawl out.

They have WiFi and snack options if the meeting runs late. Best of all, you never feel pressure to leave. Be mindful of the line-up and if space allows, feel comfortable to get your work done.

Spark & Pony Recommendations: The breakfast sandwiches are a no brainer. We loved the soft bun and creamy aioli. The egg was cooked just right and the tomato was the perfect level of ripeness you crave on that first bite. We did have our eyeballs on the breakfast burrito, so if you get it and love it, be sure to report back.

Lock Stock Coffee

Tucked between Red Star and The Bower on Jasper Ave, Lock Stock Coffee is a welcomed addition to an already vibrant coffee boutique scene in downtown Edmonton.

While the rich coffee aromas delighted us, we were most excited about the spacious booths and dimly lit atmosphere that creates a perfect ambience for a long study day nestled indoors.

Why We Like Lock Stock Coffee

We really appreciated the warmth and friendliness of the staff, on both our last visits. You enter, order and pay right at the front. When your coffee and savoury breakfast sandwich is ready to go, they bring it to your table.

Spark & Pony Recommendations: Their brunch menu is the bomb. It’s hard to choose which mouth-watering sandwich we enjoyed the most.

The Lock Stock BLT that was paired with their lemon-dijon mayo, thick piece of bacon and white cheddar cheese had us drooling. If you want to pop in for something quick, we recommend trying any of their pastries or a slice of olive oil cake.

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