Supporting Edmonton Businesses During Covid-19

May 22, 2020
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Times have never been as uncertain as they are now. Every day, Edmonton business owners are forced to grapple with unpredictable forces beyond their control.

Many have spent years building their storefronts, developing relationships with customers, and working tirelessly to build their dreams, only to have COVID-19 change the entire landscape of their business in a matter of weeks.


As small business owners ourselves, we can intimately relate to the feelings of frustration and hopelessness that this pandemic has left us all holding onto.

In an effort to help those struggling to stay afloat, we want to put our niche set of skills to work. Our goal is to help those local ventures, artisans, artists and shops that have been most impacted by this pandemic.

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#SupportYegLocal is a social media initiative designed to spread awareness and build support for Edmonton small businesses.

Each week, we will feature a different local start-up and share information on how our community can support them during these surreal times.

Community has always played a huge role in Edmonton. Many of us want to help those around us who are struggling, but we’re not sure how to.

Our hope is that #SupportYegLocal will be a conduit for education by providing valuable information for those looking to lend a hand.

Each post will illuminate the business: who they are, what they do and why the stand out.

Then, we will provide details on how people can support them

  • Gift card
  • Future bookings
  • Buying products
  • Leaving a review

Or simply giving them a social media shout-out!

graphic that describes how to support local business without spending money

We Are Stronger Together

We are totally blown away by the ingenuity and resourcefulness we’ve witnessed in the past few weeks. From friends to colleagues and our incredible clients, everyone has found a way to ebb and flow with change.

Most have changed hours, some have created new delivery methods, while others have even developed products that address the changing needs of their customers.

We want to especially acknowledge those who have shifted their business strategies and worked days without sleep in order to provide some type of income for their teams who have been laid off.  

You are all the real heroes.

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Want to support?

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily #SupportYegLocal posts. If you would like to be featured, send us an email at!  We look forward to highlighting the brightest entrepreneurs and visionaries in our city.

We know that together we can brave this thing.

—Kass and Michelle

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